There are many reasons why you may need a tree removed from your property. Whether you’re renovating your home or backyard and are looking to utilise the space better or the tree is dead or dying and has become dangerous, tree removal is often necessary. What many people don’t know, however, is that the price of tree removal may vary greatly. Several different factors will influence the price of tree removal, including:

The Size Of The Tree

The size of the tree is going to play a significant part in how much it is going to cost to remove. The height and width of the tree will be taken into consideration as this will determine how long the removal process will take and how much effort will be required to safely remove the tree. The larger the tree is, the more it will cost to remove.

The Location Of The Tree

Location is important when it comes to determining how much tree removal is going to cost. If the tree is positioned in a hard to access area or somewhere that is narrow or even dangerous, it is going to cost more than removing a tree that is in an easy to access area. This is due to the special equipment and skills required to access inconvenient locations. If the tree removal takes longer than usual due to its location, this will certainly affect the cost of the removal.

Hazards Surrounding the Tree

If there are any dangerous hazards close to the tree you want to be removed such as live power lines, fences or buildings, this can increase the cost of your tree removal. Trees that are close to hazards will often take longer to remove and require special equipment and skills. This is because it can be dangerous for tree removal experts. Safety for both the team and your property is paramount, so special care is always necessary if it is going to be a difficult job.

Always Call In The Experts

When it comes to tree removal, it pays to always call in professionals who specialise in tree removal services. Successfully removing a tree from your property can be a time consuming and dangerous task. There are often many aspects that can go wrong and it pays to work with arborists who know what they’re doing and how to avoid unnecessary dangers and damage to surrounding buildings. Rather than trying to remove the tree yourself, call in an expert.

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