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Expert Tree Removal & Tree Lopping

Summerland Tree Services are arborists that Northern Rivers residents use for a wide range of tree removal and management services. Fully licensed and insured, we can work on trees in Ballina, Lismore and Byron Bay.

Servicing the Northern Rivers and beyond, we’re dedicated to providing a fast and effective solution to removing potentially hazardous trees from your property.

Our Specialised Ballina Tree Services

Our Arborist Services

Depending on the size of the job, we have a team of trusted arborists at our disposal to help make short work of your tree removal project. With a range of heavy-duty equipment on hand, our arborists will efficiently clear your property of trees that pose a risk to your property across Ballina.

Contact us today on 0417 698 227 for a free estimate on any of our professional tree removal, land clearing and stump grinding services.

For an efficient solution to tree removal, our cherry picker is capable of reaching extreme heights to safely eliminate the risk of dangerous trees from falling onto your home.

Removing tree roots after a tree has been felled (or has fallen naturally) can be a time-consuming and expensive business. In addition, root removal can leave a large hole, which many people don’t want on their property. A good alternative is stump grinding. This procedure involves slicing away at the tree trunk until it’s at ground level.

The stump grinder reduces the stump to small chips, which can be composted or which we can remove. Stump grinding reduces the chances of re-growth, as well as smooths out the stump. Over time, the roots will naturally decay.

Over time, many trees have branches or shoots that gradually die back. This may be due to disease, damage or natural wastage. Left unchecked, this deadwood can become unstable, increasing the risk of a sudden branch fall in windy weather.

Summerland Tree Services is able to come out and remove deadwood from almost any tree. This not only makes the tree safer, it also improves tree health and may even promote fresh, vigorous growth.

If you’re looking for a natural weed repellent, aid to irrigation and soil stabiliser, mulch is the perfect choice. Made from small chips of wood, mulch is spread around the base of plants, shrubs or trees to reduce evaporation, prevent the growth of weeds and ensure precious soil isn’t blown or leaches away.

Mulch can also be used on borders, preventing the growth of weeds at the same time as providing an attractive backdrop for your bedding plants. The beauty of mulch is that it’s not only easy to apply, it’s also entirely natural and will decay into the soil over time, adding fibre and nutrients.

Why Choose a Professional Arborist in Ballina?

If a tree has fallen on or near your property, you may be thinking of DIY-ing the removals process yourself. But when it comes to more than fallen branches, hiring an arborist in Ballina is the best way to ensure the job is done properly.

A professional arborist service can ensure the work is carried out to the highest possible standard, from cutting back obstructive foliage to removing trees following a storm.

Fast, Expert Ballina Tree Removals & Debris Management

Once a tree has fallen or has been chopped down, removing it from your property is a challenge. With an expert arborist service, you benefit from expert, fast tree removals with none of the manual labour and time involved in doing it yourself. From mulchers to chipping, full tree removal, to stump grinding, an expert arborist can make short work of any trees you no longer want on your property.

At Summerland Tree Services, we specialise in fast and expert tree removals in Ballina. Our team of certified arborists in Ballina is equipped with the latest tools to handle trees of any size. We prioritise safety and efficiency, ensuring prompt removal and thorough debris management, whether you’re dealing with storm-damaged trees or just need regular maintenance. Our meticulous approach minimises disruption to your property while preserving the natural beauty of your landscape. We ensure a clean and tidy environment, leaving your outdoor spaces safe and beautiful.

A Professional Service for Clean Results

Tree removals & trimming can be a messy job. With an expert arborist service, you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of removals. All waste, debris and materials are removed from your property, leaving you with a blank slate ready to be used. For little to no clean-up, working with professionals is always the best choice.

Emergency Arborist Work & Insurance Claims

A sudden storm or some strong winds can be all that’s needed to cause a tree to fall, or start to shift dangerously. We are available 24 hours a day to deal with arboreal emergencies. If you’re concerned about a tree fall, notice a tree is looking unstable or have any other concerns, we can come out and take a look at it.

In particular, if you notice a tree that’s close to your property shows signs of instability, it’s important to contact us as soon as you can. Our team will be happy to come out and inspect the tree, as well as complete any work that’s needed to render it safe.

The Latest Tree Removal Equipment & Industry Knowledge

With the latest equipment in-house and up-to-date industry knowledge, our team at Summerland Tree Services has the skills and expertise to complete all tree removals and maintenance jobs quickly and effectively. We always aim to complete work within your tight schedule to ensure no disruption to your day.

We work around you, whether you need emergency removals or scheduled maintenance booked in. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about what we could do for you.

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Why Choose Summerland Tree Services?

As one of Ballina’s most reputable arborist services, Summerland Tree Services has many years of knowledge and expertise in removinggrinding, chipping, and maintaining trees in the Northern Rivers area. We’re well-known for the excellent quality of work we deliver, and we always go the extra mile to provide our customers with high-quality solutions.

Friendly and Local Ballina Arborist Services

As a local business, we have the advantage of excellent knowledge of flora and fauna in the Ballina area. That means we can carefully and effectively remove trees with minimal harm to wildlife and the least possible damage to surrounding plants. Our friendly team gets the job done, and we work to ensure the best possible service every time.

Choosing a local arborist in Ballina brings the benefit of local expertise and understanding of native species. Our friendly team provides tailored services, including pruning, planting advice and disease management, all aimed at fostering healthy tree growth. Being community-oriented, we build lasting relationships with clients by providing personalised advice and solutions to meet specific needs. Whether you need help with tree maintenance or detailed assessments, our local insights enable us to offer trusted guidance for long-term landscaping.

Get a Free Estimate from Our Experienced Ballina Arborists

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tree removal is the process of cutting down a tree and removing it from your property. This may be necessary if the tree is dead, diseased or poses a safety risk to people or property.

Hiring a professional tree removal service ensures the job is done safely and efficiently. Tree removal can be dangerous, especially for larger trees or those in hard-to-reach areas. A professional tree removal team has the equipment and expertise to safely remove trees and debris from your property without causing damage to your home or surrounding structures.

Tree lopping is the process of removing large branches or sections of a tree. This may be necessary if the tree is overgrown or has become a safety hazard. Tree lopping can improve the health and appearance of a tree, but it should only be performed by a trained arborist. Improper tree lopping can damage the tree and cause it to become unstable.

If you are unsure whether your tree needs to be removed or lopped, it is best to consult with a professional arborist. Signs that a tree may need to be removed include extensive rot, large cracks or splits in the trunk or leaning towards your home or other structures. Signs that a tree may need to be lopped include overgrowth, branches touching power lines or branches obstructing views or walkways. Additionally, trees that are blocking sunlight or views may be removed for aesthetic reasons.

In Byron Bay, there are regulations governing tree removal on private property. You may need to obtain a permit from your local council before removing a tree, especially if it is a native species or located in a conservation area. It’s important to consult with a professional arborist and your local council before removing any trees from your property to ensure that you are in compliance with local regulations.

Stump grinding is the process of removing a tree stump by grinding it into small wood chips. This can improve the appearance of your property and prevent new growth from sprouting around the old stump. Stump grinding should only be performed by a professional, as it requires specialised equipment and expertise.

In most cases, you can keep the wood from a tree that has been removed. We can also remove the wood from your property if preferred.

If a tree falls on your property, the first priority is to ensure the safety of yourself and others. If anyone is injured, seek medical attention immediately. Then, contact a professional tree removal service like Summerland Tree Services to assess the damage and remove the fallen tree. If the tree fell due to a storm or other natural disaster, you may also need to contact your insurance company to file a claim.

There are many reasons to choose our Ballina based tree services. We are fully licenced and insured for your peace of mind and prioritise the safety of your home and family. Our team adheres to all Workplace Health & Safety Standards, ensuring every job is carried out safely.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve built a strong reputation throughout the Northern Rivers. We are equipped with a range of heavy-duty equipment to efficiently handle unsightly tree stumps and branches and offer prompt and affordable services for a range of arborist jobs. From tree removal and tree trimming to stump grinding and mulching, our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Tree-related work, including removal and pruning, involves various risks, however, at Summerland Tree Services, we take safety seriously. We adhere to stringent industry guidelines and use high-quality equipment to ensure safety at all times. This ensures that all jobs are carried out safely and effectively, minimising risks.

It’s important to note that every tree is unique, and so is every job. Factors such as tree health, size, location and weather all contribute to the complexity and safety of different tasks. Hence, professional assessment and handling are important for safety.

Before removing a tree, several key factors need to be considered. First, determine if tree removal is required, or whether careful pruning would be enough. Keep in mind local council regulations often require permits for tree removal, especially for established or native trees. We can provide guidance on local council regulations and assist you in obtaining the necessary permits if required. Lastly, consider the impact of tree removal on your landscape. Removing a tree can dramatically change your property’s look and feel, as well as the surrounding ecosystem. Our team can advise on landscaping adjustments to compensate for the removal.

Small trees might take a couple of hours, while larger or more complex jobs can take a full day or more. The time required to remove a tree largely depends on the tree’s size, location, condition and the complexity of the removal process. Our team performs an initial assessment and provides an estimated timeframe based on these factors.

Absolutely. Storms can cause significant damage to trees, often leading to hazardous situations. Our team is available round-the-clock to provide emergency services to manage and mitigate any storm-related tree damage. We have the experience and equipment to handle challenging situations promptly and safely.