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What You Need to Know About Our Arborist Services

If you have a question about any of our services, browse our commonly asked questions list to see if it has already been answered.
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Do you provide free quotes?

Yes. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

Do you sell mulch?

Yes. Simply let us know how much mulch you need and we’ll deliver it direct to your door!

Do you have an hourly rate?

Yes, we have an hourly and day rate and can provide firm quotes. 90% of clients choose the firm quotes.

Do I need approval from the city council to remove trees?

It may be necessary, but not in all cases. You may be required to lodge a Development Application form to inform your local city council of your tree removal/pruning plans. Head to our local shire TPOs & DAs page to find out more.

Are you insured?

Yes, we’re insured up to $20 million dollars in public liability.

What happens to the leftover branches and trees that have been cut?

Any leftover debris gets placed in our woodchipper unless you make prior arrangement with us to keep the wood for a fireplace. We guarantee our staff will always clean up after the job is finished so you aren’t left with a mess.

Why do I need to remove tree stumps?

Tree stumps may increase the risk of a pest infestation, which if neglected, can spread to your home. Leftover tree stumps may be a tripping hazard or may be in the way of infrastructure ie. footings. They may also cause new tree sprouts to grow and may require the use of chemicals to remove them permanently.

Do you provide 24/7 emergency storm damage services?

Yes. If your property has been damaged by a storm, stay clear of the fallen trees and call us as soon as possible so we can assess the damage. Our storm crew is on hand day and night to help remove the risk.

Do you have a Chipper?

Yes - 15 inch in diameter

Is the trees health at risk when pruning?

Each tree needs to be accessed on an individual bases.

Do you hire your chipper for DIY?

No - The chipper is a dangerous machine and requires professional trained operators.

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