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Arborist Byron Bay

    Byron Bay Tree Removal & Management

    Need tree removal and management in Byron Bay? From the Cape Byron Lighthouse to Two Sisters Rocks, our arborists provide fast, efficient tree solutions.

    We are fully licensed and insured to work on all types of trees, with one-off and scheduled arboreal work completed to your specifications.

    And more!

    Trees can pose a serious risk to your property. Minimise danger with the help of Summerland Tree Services in Byron Bay.

    Arborist in Byron Bay Cutting Branches On Trees

    If your home or business has been damaged following a storm, heavy winds or rainfall, we provide 24/7 emergency clean-ups throughout Byron Bay.

    Not only can we remove green debris, fallen trees and scattered branches, but we can also liaise with insurance companies and handle chipping and mulching without hassle.

    Call our licensed arborists any time of the day or night. We specialise in getting the job done quickly and in accordance with your needs, budget and lifestyle!

    Our team is also available for on-site assessments to identify any trees that pose a risk to your property in Byron Bay.

    From there, we can handle complete removals, as well as deadwooding, lopping, trimming, pruning and a range of other services. Our team is also available for stump grinding following tree removal.

    Avoid the likelihood of storm damage with the help of our skilled team. Contact Summerland Tree Services.

    Need a stump removed from your property in Byron Bay? Summerland Tree Services offers stump grinding, complete with chipping and mulching!

    If you have dangerous or hazardous trees on your property in Byron Bay, the licensed arborists at Summerland Tree Services can handle removal with ease!

    Need hazardous or ugly branches removed from your trees in Byron Bay? Our team is available for one-off and scheduled tree lopping services. Book an appointment.

    For more than 20 years, Summerland Tree Services has established a strong presence in the industry, offering clients throughout Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers excellent service and outstanding results. What’s more, our rates are highly competitive.

    Owned and operated by husband and wife team Tim and Karen Paskins, we have grown from small beginnings into a well trusted, wide-ranging tree lopping business.

    We are committed to keeping homes and families safe from falling trees. Rest assured, we are fully insured with $20 million in public liability and can carry out all our work in compliance with workplace health and safety standards.

    With our expert team of qualified arborists, Summerland Tree Services has become the preferred contractor for clients such as Ballina Council, local real estate agencies, North Coast Community Housing, and Arthur Walker Constructions.

    Whether it’s for the home, business, or construction site, we will get the job done to the highest standard.

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    Tree Removal Approvals & Preservation Orders

    Summerland Tree Services can assist with council approvals, as well as advising you on a range of preservation orders to ensure compliance for your property.

    Byron Bay is home to many protected tree species, and it’s important to follow the regulations outlined by your local governing body.

    Our team brings extensive experience and comprehensive solutions to the table for each and every client. However, we recommend educating yourself on the Byron Shire website if you are thinking of lodging an application for development approval.

    Similarly, we recommend checking the laws even for something as simple as pruning and lopping.

    You can receive significant fines for carrying out tree work without approval from the local council. Even with permission, you’ll need to hire a licensed team, as the work can be quite dangerous.

    That’s where Summerland Tree Services comes in! Get in touch with our skilled arborists.

    Arborist Cutting Tree in Byron Bay

    Summerland Tree Services is an established, family-owned business offering tree services and removal Byron Bay homes and businesses can depend on.

    We offer a range of tree management options, helping your trees to stay in good health, removing unwanted trees and providing a source of expert advice on tree maintenance.

    Tree Removal, Trimming, & Maintenance

    We try not to remove a healthy tree unless there is a pressing reason to do so. In most cases, problems such as overhanging branches or excessive growth can be resolved through lopping and pruning.

    We offer a range of tree removal and trimming techniques, which can be used to reduce the size of the tree, alter its shape, or treat dead or diseased branches.

    If required, we can also remove the timber from your property, or mulch it for you to use in your garden.

    What Can Affect the Price of Tree Removal?

    Tree Complexity

    There is a myriad of factors that can affect how complex tree removal is, and therefore the final price of the job at hand. At Summerland Tree Services, we work at an hourly rate with set quotes, but it’s still important to know how long a tree removal might take.

    As you can probably guess, a bigger tree would typically mean more power is needed to help cut it and its many branches down. Even with the relevant equipment, this can take longer than it would for a smaller tree.

    Tree Removal Location

    Location is another highly important part of the equation and must always be considered. If it’s in a position where chopped branches can easily drop to the ground with little fuss, then the job will go by much quicker.

    If the branches are right above your house or any other sensitive location, however, it would not be safe to do this, and debris must be cleared differently. This typically takes more time, potentially adding another hour to the job depending on how well it goes.

    Type of Tree being Removed

    Because of the above and more, you will always need to provide as much detail about the tree and its location for an accurate quote. We need to know just how complex the removal is so we can be prepared for it and deliver the best and most cost-effective outcome.

    Send a message and let us know as much as you can about the tree that needs removing. We will then provide you with a quote that matches the time it will take to deal with the project.

    Tree Removal FAQs

    Yes. Our Byron Bay arborists work at an hourly and day rate. We can also provide firm quotes. Many of our clients choose to go with fixed quotes.

    There are many hazards you should check on your trees. Some include loose limbs, rotting or severed roots, fungal attacks, physical injury to the trunk, increased wind and sunlight exposure and more. If you are concerned about a tree on your property, it’s important to book an assessment from a licensed arborist.

    Regular trimming, pruning, mulching and lopping will help keep your tree happy and healthy. Similarly, adequate irrigation and drainage will ensure the right supply of water to the root zone. From here, it’s important to continue monitoring for risks and decline in health. If your tree is stressed, it may be more prone to diseases and pests, reducing their overall health.

    Arborists specialise in looking after trees, with all the required training to handle tree work like lopping, felling and the treatment of arboreal diseases. In many cases, you will also be legally required to use an arborist for completion of tree management and care. Arborists can also complete risks assessments in the case of hazardous trees.

    First an arborist will assess the damage caused by fallen trees and limbs. From there, they will take necessary safety precautions and eliminate risks in order of severity. Do not attempt to complete arboreal work yourself. It is illegal and fraught with many dangers.

    Removing a tree or pruning without a permit may result in hefty fines. You may be required to lodge a Development Application form to inform Byron Council of your tree removal or pruning plans. We’ve provided all the necessary info you need to know on our TPOs & DAs page.

    Yes, we do. If your Byron Bay property has been damaged by a storm, call our experienced team as soon as possible so we can assess the damage. Our storm crew is on hand day and night to help local clients.

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