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Whether a tree has fallen on your property following a storm or you’ve taken one down yourself, removing the stump can be a significant challenge for the average homeowner.

That’s where our team at Summerland Tree Services comes in, providing fast and convenient stump grinding services across Ballina, Lismore and Byron Bay—with excellent results.

Do you need an expert team to come out on-site and remove stumps from your garden or property?

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Why Use a Professional Stump Grinding Service?

While most trees’ trunk and branches can be removed relatively easily, the stump of a tree is a different matter entirely.

Depending on the age and type of tree, deeply entrenched roots can make removing stumps a problem. Leaving eyesores on your property that need to be removed by an expert stump grinding service.

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Fast & Convenient Stump Removal

If you want to remove stumps on your property without the need for costly equipment, hire or long-winded techniques, working with the experts is always the best call.

An expert stump grinding service can ensure stumps are removed quickly and effectively, with no additional input required on your behalf.

Expert Stump Grinding Using the Best Equipment

Want to remove a tree or multiple trees for relandscaping, or to install a pool? Then our scheduled tree removal Ballina services may be the best fit for you.

Contact us, and we can get you booked in for tree removal later. We work to your schedule to ensure trees are removed quickly and professionally and the stumps are ground out too, leaving the ground ready for reuse.

Why Choose Summerland Tree Services?

Our friendly, professional team of experts at Summerland Tree Services are well-equipped to provide fast, convenient stump grinding on your schedule.

Whether you need a stump removed by a specific date or you’re looking for an all-in-one tree removal service, we’re the best team to call if you want to ensure high-quality results.

As Ballina locals, our team is knowledgeable about the various types of local trees and the requirements of our customers throughout the area. If you’re looking to hire a team that puts your needs first, we are the ideal option for the job.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met.

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High-Quality, Reputable Removals Specialists

Summerland Tree Services has a stellar reputation for stump grinding Ballina services, and we’re well-known for completing our work to the highest possible standards.

We use the latest equipment, and our team is highly trained to cause the minimum of disruption and damage while they work. We’re respectful, friendly, and always happy to help our customers in any way we can.

Get a Quote for Stump Grinding in Ballina Today!

If you need a stump grinding service in Ballina, get in touch with our team now to get a free quote for our services.

We offer stump grinding alone or as part of a wider tree removal service, so whatever you need, we’d be happy to accommodate you.

Stump Grinding FAQs

Is a stump grinding machine the same as a stump remover?

No, a stump remover is a type of auger that bores down into the stump. This then removes the whole stump by lifting it out along with the attached roots. Stump grinders cut the stump into small chunks so that it can be easily removed.

Stump grinders can be used to remove all sizes of stump without causing damage to nearby buildings or structures. Stump removers require a lot of free space to operate and the tree must not be located close to any structures.

Will the stump be completely removed?

The stump will be completely removed, but there may be some residual roots left in the ground. These will quickly die off and rot away, depositing nutrients into the soil. The tree will not grow back.

If you prefer, we can dig down and remove more of the root structure for you. But there will be an extra charge for this service. We can advise you if more of the root structure needs to be removed when we come on-site.

Can I build or pave over the area after the stump is removed?

Yes, you can build over the ground once the stump has been cleared. But you should advise us of your intentions to do this before we remove the stump. This is because we need to dig down to remove more of the root structure along with the stump.

Leaving root structure in the ground is normally a good thing because it helps to add organic matter, but dead tree stumps rot and may cause subsidence if you build on top of them straight away.

Do I have to remove the stump?

No, you don’t have to remove the stump once a tree is cut down. But dead stumps stand proud of the ground around them and can be unsightly. Also, if the stump is close to a footpath, it may become a trip hazard.

Dead stumps also risk becoming a habitat for insects such as termites. These can then infest your home, causing structural damage. So while you don’t have to remove your stump, it is advisable to do so.

What other methods are there for removing stumps?

There are several methods of removing tree stumps, with some being more effective than others. The most common DIY method is to use potassium nitrate to speed up the decay of the stump.

But this can take a long time, especially for large stumps. Potassium nitrate can also irritate the eyes and skin, so it should not be used around children or pets.

Other methods of stump removal include fire, but this is irresponsible because there is a risk of the fire spreading. Stump removal using an auger is another option, but this causes a lot of damage and is not suitable for stumps located close to buildings.

What do you do with the stump once removed?

The stump is ground into small chips which can be used as mulch around the garden. We can bag these up for you so that you can use them later on, or we can spread them around for you.

Alternatively, we can remove all waste chips and leave you with a beautiful clear garden. The choice is yours. But the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of wood chips is to spread them around your garden as mulch.