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Mulching Ballina

Summerland Tree Services does not just cut down trees and grind down stumps – we can also recycle the fresh timber as mulch for your garden. Alternatively, if you don’t have any trees, stumps, or deadwood for us to turn into a batch of wood chippings, you can always purchase mulch directly from us.

Regardless, we have what we need to provide your garden and soil with everything it requires to keep serving you well. If you need help with mulching or would like a free quote, call us at online contact form. 

Why Mulch Is Important

Many people overlook mulch without realising just how vital it is for their property – you cannot just look at a leftover branch as waste. You can turn this residue into wood chippings or mulch, which both do wonders for your garden or lawn. Wood chips are excellent for composting and form a core part of mulch; this helps your garden soil retain moisture and stops the top layer from getting too dry.

On top of this, mulch can subdue weed growth and provide a level of protection against pests. Mulching keeps your property nice and tidy and lets your plants develop better than ever before; it even helps to defend their roots in the coldest winters. Mulch works best in spring (before annual weeds come in) and autumn (before a harsh winter), and our experts will make sure you get the mulch your property needs at the right time.

Water shortages are quite a concern for many, but high-quality mulch helps you save water by ensuring less of it evaporates. Mulching also stops you from needing to water your plants so frequently, which will help to cut down your bills. 

The Perfect Ballina Mulch

Summerland has over twenty years in the business, and it has spent this time serving the Northern Rivers and providing them with high-quality local mulch. This is a completely natural substance, meaning we can make it directly from your garden if possible.

Either way, you’re getting a premium solution that works for your garden; with decades of working with trees in Ballina and beyond, we at Summerland know the area’s conditions perfectly. This means knowing how the particular climate, and Australia’s seasons, respond to mulch – this is more important than you may think. 

Why You Need Professional Mulching

Mulching is both sensitive and complex, so you might want to employ an expert to guarantee your garden’s protection. If you try to do it yourself, you could be risking your mulch’s effectiveness – if you lay it in direct contact with tree stems, for example, the tree could become soft and more vulnerable to plant diseases.

Sub-par material might also introduce pests or those same diseases to your home – Summerland Tree Services only ever uses the best mulch for the job. We know plants inside and out, so there’s no risk of us using mulch (from your property or our reserves) that doesn’t get results.