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Glossary For Tree Service Industry Term

Know what to ask for when you need tree removal, tree maintenance or stump grinding services carried out on your property. We’ve put together a list of frequently used industry terms and definitions for your convenience.

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An arborist, otherwise known as a tree surgeon, is hired to care for and maintain trees.
A qualified aborist also provides pruning, tree removal, tree care and planting services.

Arborist Report

An Arborist Report contains the species identification, health, structure, age, retention value, tree protection zone, structural root zone, estimated or measured height and canopy width.

Clean Crown

Removing dead, decaying, and/or diseased tree branches, stems and stubs throughout the crown.
Commonly known as removing deadwood.


Upper part of a tree that’s measured from the lowest branch and extends to the highest point of a tree.

Crown Lift

Represents the removal of a tree’s lower limbs for safety or aesthetic reasons.

Dead wood

Refers to the dead and/or diseased branches of a tree. They can cause property damage as trees will naturally shed these branches over time. Removing the dead wood is a simple preventative measure to prevent a risky branch drop.

Formative Pruning

Minor pruning carried out during the early stages of a tree’s lifecycle to encourage a desired form and/or correct defects or inherent weaknesses that may affect the tree later in life.

Head Back

Shortening branches on a particular section of a tree to prevent limbs from touching buildings, cars or any structures.

Near Grade

Refers to grinding tree stumps to as close to the ground as possible.


Removing all green growth from mature trees creating a “hat rack” impression. It’s an extreme measure that can lead to weak sprout attachment.

Reduce Crown

Generally spoken in terms of a reduction percentage. The height and width of a tree is reduced, shortening the length of branches to leave behind a more compact tree.

Skirt Raise

Pruning the lower branches to enable access or keep sight lines clear.

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