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Summerland Tree Services provides fast, effective emergency tree removal Ballina residents can turn to when a tree removal job simply won’t wait. Whether you’re worried about a tree falling on your property or have a storm-damaged tree that looks as if it might fall at any moment, we can help.

Our skilled, time-served team of arborists can come out whenever you need us to make your tree safe or remove it altogether. Our aim is always to provide the best solution for your situation, safely removing a dangerous tree, no matter where it’s located.

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When Do I Need Emergency Tree Removal?

The most common reason that somebody needs a tree removed is that it’s a danger to people, property or animals. Many people discover that a tree on their property is in a dangerous condition before, during or after a storm. Damage a tree sustains due to being struck may also cause it to work loose from the soil, increasing the likelihood of it becoming uprooted completely.

Signs you should request an emergency tree removal include:

  • A tree that’s fallen onto your home or outbuildings.
  • A tree that’s clearly unstable, especially if it’s close to the property, pylons, a road, or in some other hazardous situation.
  • A tree with large, broken branches (broken branches following wind may be a sign the tree is diseased and therefore weak).

In most cases, emergency removal is only completed when a tree presents a clear threat to people or property.

What Can I Expect From Emergency Tree Removal?

When you call us out, the first thing we will do is assess the tree to determine how urgently it needs to be removed. Our priority is always to reduce the risk the tree presents. In some circumstances, such as during a storm when it would be too dangerous for our team to work at height, we would work to temporarily stabilise the tree rather than remove it immediately.

Once we’ve assessed the situation, we’ll discuss our findings with you and present the various courses of action open to us. Depending on the decision you make, we’ll quote for the work that needs doing. If you’re happy for us to go ahead, we’ll either stabilise the tree, partially remove it or remove it completely.

Man Cuts A Fallen Tree
Man Cutting A Tree Branches
Man With Chainsaw Cutting The Tree

Why Choose Summerland Tree Services For My Emergency Work?

Summerland Tree Services is an established business, staffed by a team of seasoned arborists. We work across Ballina and the surrounding area, carrying out a wide range of tree management services. When it comes to emergency work, we turn up quickly with the right equipment to stabilise or remove your tree quickly.

We have the capacity to work on trees of all sizes and species. Our specialty is working on trees in challenging locations – if you’ve got an unstable tree on a gradient, in an area that’s difficult to access or in some other tricky position, we can usually work out a way to safely remove it for you.

Call on (0417) 69 8227.