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Plenty of homeowners are easily confused by tree lopping and believe it’s the same thing as pruning. However, this isn’t the case at all. Whilst pruning is about protecting the tree from disease, lopping is all about reducing and controlling the size of the tree, which is important for preventing potential hazards and promoting healthy growth.

At Summerland Tree Services, we are well-established specialists in tree lopping and complete tree removal, including responding promptly in emergency situations. We also deliver a range of other great quality tree services to customers based in Ballina, Lismore and Byron Bay.


What is Tree Lopping?


Tree lopping involves removing large side branches to alter the shape of the tree and encourage the branches to grow in a specific direction. Sometimes sections of the tree’s crown are also removed. Doing this can help to improve the profile and look of the tree.

Lopping concentrates on removing the damaged sections of the tree that are no longer growing. This is to encourage the tree’s health and longevity. Expert tree loppers can make sure that the tree’s structure isn’t altered or damaged, giving you peace of mind that the tree is left healthy, safe, and naturally beautiful.

Similarly, if parts of a tree have been damaged or fallen during a storm, you may need emergency lopping services to clear away the debris and ensure the tree’s integrity. This helps to protect your home and family from further damage or injury.

We know that an emergency like this needs a rapid and reliable response, so we offer a dependable 24/7 call out service for emergency tree lopping.


Tree Lopping Experts in Ballina


Summerland Tree Services are leading tree lopping specialists, serving customers in Ballina, Byron Bay, the Northern Rivers, and nearby areas. We’re fully licensed and insured arborists and have been in the business for more than 20 years. We can deliver if you’re looking for reliable professional tree lopping that provides fantastic results every time.

Our team are fully equipped with the right tools, as well as the right specialist knowledge, to carry out your tree lopping work effectively and efficiently. The equipment that we use includes our wood chipper, which promptly disposes of branches and debris left behind from our work.

With extensive tree lopping experience behind us, we’re capable of tackling a wide variety of tree lopping jobs with the same professional expertise and workmanship. Our speedy and affordable arborist services make us the go-to name for tree lopping Ballina customers put their trust in.


Get In Touch With Our Tree Loppers Today!


If you need to control the growth of a tree on your property, don’t delay in seeking professional advice about tree lopping. We offer free quotes for all of our arborist work, so contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Our fast and responsive 24/7 emergency services are also available to customers throughout Ballina and the Northern Rivers – send a message at any time to request an emergency tree lopper.