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Deadwooding & Pruning Ballina

Summerland Tree Services provides a complete solution to all the deadwooding and pruning Ballina residents need. With years of experience in every aspect of tree maintenance and removal, our skilled, time-served team are available to do the pruning and lopping necessary to keep your trees in peak condition. 

Why do trees need pruning?

  • Pruning serves a number of purposes, some of which include:
  • Reducing the risk of dead branches falling unexpectedly.
  • Removing diseased branches to prevent the problem from spreading to other parts of the tree.
  • Providing the stimulus for increased growth, fruit production or leaf formation.
  • Create a tree shape that’s attractive.
  • Prevent trees from blocking out the light from where it’s needed.
  • Control the size of the tree.
  • Reduce wind resistance and create a more stable tree.

Pruning methods

Depending on the end goal of the pruning, we employ a variety of different techniques.

Some of these include:

  • Crown thinning and reduction
  • Crown lifting (cutting away growth beneath the main branches)
  • Pollarding
  • Coppicing

When we attend on-site to assess a pruning request, we will provide a recommendation on the most appropriate techniques for your tree, based on your requirements and the health of the tree.

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Pruning and deadwooding FAQs

What's the difference between pruning and deadwooding?

Pruning usually refers to the removal of living leaves, twigs and branches. In contrast, deadwooding, as the name suggests, refers to the removal of dead branches and twigs.

What can I do to keep my trees healthy?

Depending on the type of tree, its age and its location, activities such as watering, mulching, trimming (pruning) and fertilizing can all help to ensure your tree stays healthy. The specific care each tree requires varies – we’re happy to provide tailored advice for your tree.

How do I know that my tree needs pruning?

If your tree is starting to lean, has got too tall or has a branch that’s partially come away during a recent storm, it’s fairly easy to see that pruning is needed. In other circumstances, the need for pruning (particularly to maintain tree health) may be more subtle.

Some signs to look out for include:

  • Branches near powerlines
  • Branches that have oddly coloured leaves, few leaves, evidence of parasites on the bark or other signs indicative of disease.
  • Extremely rapid growth – sometimes rapid upward growth is achieved at the expense of strength – pruning may be needed to help the tree stay stable and safe.

Can I do my own pruning?

Whilst most people are capable of hacking at a tree with a saw, we don’t recommend it. Pruning correctly requires an in-depth knowledge of tree biology, as well as species-specific knowledge.

If you prune incorrectly, you may end up exposing the tree to disease, weakening it (which will increase the risk of tree fall during storms), or creating other problems.

If you want good results, we recommend giving us a call – we’re affordable, professional, and committed to managing trees to optimize their health, safety, and longevity.